Photo Voltaic Systems

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Photo Voltaic, commonly referred to as PV or Solar Electric, is a process in which solar cells convert sunlight into electricity. Photo Voltaic systems convert sunlight into electricity without the use of any moving parts or harmful emissions, which qualifies it as a clean, renewable source of energy for the planet.

Solar radiation will allow the PV cells to generate direct current through semiconductors mounted on or underneath the cell. In the case of SunPower, the manufacturer Sun Metrics prefers to use in its designs and installations, the cells are back mounted, meaning the entire surface of the Mono Crystalline cell is available to absorb maximum solar radiation from the sun. This results in record breaking conversion efficiencies, and minimizes the amount of space needed to garner a specific amount of solar specified in the design of a PV system. 

Photo Voltaic systems are most commonly comprised of solar modules containing rows of sequential cells made up primarily of Poly or Mono Crystalline silicon wafers. The wafers are treated, or doped with Boron, Phosphorous or other agents to provide a high output value of electricity. Certain doping agents work better to create a robust energy yield than others. Sun Metrics prefers to specify products that are the highest rated in performance, and exhibit the most minimal amount of degradation possible.


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