Sun Metrics Process

Sun Metrics has an easy process of having your solar system up and running, and saving you money!


Site Evaluation

In order to properly assess and design the perfect system for a prospective client, Sun Metrics must perform a full site evaluation. While listening to the site owner’s concerns, the Sun Metrics designer will take photos and measurements while at the home or building.

Looking at the service panel, capturing the load centers, service panel characteristics, the architecture and material makeup of the home, aesthetic considerations, roof angle, direction, roof type and potential for light obstructions are just a few of the key factors Sun Metrics designers take into account when designing a system that is perfect for the owner.

Designdesign 1

Sun Metrics Designers are thoroughly trained by top industry professionals, license holders, manufacturers and suppliers to make sure they are at the cutting edge of design and constantly learning techniques that will become the standard for years to come.

Along with PG&E, SMUD and CA State solar training certifications, Sun Metrics Designers undergo SunPower’s Advanced Certified training programs for Sales, Design and Installation, making them the absolute standard bearer that other solar firms must live up to in order to stay competitive with Sun Metrics on the design and consultation level.


Sun Metrics installation crews are employees and each crew leader and crew assistant is given training, ongoing education and certification tests to make sure that they are up to date on construction techniques and the latest safety measures and protocols to ensure top- down compliance for the most discerning and conscientious prospective clients.

After each crew member goes through the apprenticeship stage, Sun Metrics provides Advance Certification courses and tests along with CA State Licensing training and assistance to advance the careers of the finest solar installers in the industry.

Customer Servicecustomer service 1

Sun Metrics Administration & Customer Service personnel adhere to the practices of International Customer Service & Standard Organization’s rigorous educational and testing benchmarks to ensure a seamless experience that belies the professionalism Sun Metrics is known for from its previous and former clients.

 Nothing speaks more than a client that has gone through a lengthy and complicated process such as a large solar photo voltaic installation and has emerged enthusiastically recommending Sun Metrics. This is the goal that each Sun Metrics administrative representative shoots for in every interaction between the client and the firm.


Sun Metrics prides itself on the capabilities of its staff and the qualifications of the personnel who will be assisting the prospective client with their decision to go solar. Among the qualifications to consider when interviewing companies for your project know that Sun Metrics is striving to gain the competitive advantage by providing you with the best, most qualified designer, installer or administrator in the industry.


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